About Edisa

The journey over the years has allowed us to grow, consolidating a structure that has positioned us in the medium and large companies segment, currently counting on a portfolio of approximately 500 clients belonging to more than 30 business sectors with a presence in 27 countries in Europe and Latin America.

The company has 10 headquarters, 9 operating headquarters and an R & D center:
  • R & D center in the Technological Park of Galicia.
  • 5 venues in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo, Ourense and Las Palmas.
  • 4 offices in Latin America: Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.


  • Orientation to innovation, which leads us to the constant updating of the products and services we offer, allocating important resources to the reinvestment in research and development.

  • Orientation to the market and the client:fulfilling our clients’ expectations is our main objective, and we characterize our service through proximity and confidence.

  • Implication of personnel, which represents the most important asset of our company, with a turnover rate significantly lower than usual in our market.

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In 1983 we started our activity, developing business management applications adapted to the technologies of the moment. More than 32 years have passed and we continue to maintain the same activity we started with, delivering the highest level products developed by a Spanish company in all areas of business management.