Qlik Technology

Its experience of more than 15 years, has allowedEdisa Business Intelligenceto develop a practical methodology to guarantee the success of its implementations.

The basis of our work is the closeness with our clients to understand their needs to the maximum and guide them to improve their management and achieve their objectives.

We are committed toQlik, the most forward-looking technology inBusiness Intelligence. In addition to being able to integrate data from any management system and flat files Qlik has proven to be an excellent platform to integrate and combine with other technologies.

  • Corporate applications:SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Movex, Microsoft, LIBRA, ICG Manager, Sigma

  • Operational databases:Billing, Accounting, Maintenance, HR, CRM, Excel, Access, XML

  • ETL Processes:Extraction, Validation, Cleaning, Transformation, Integration, Load