“The implementation of LIBRA has allowed us to homogenize our processes across all international affiliates, giving control on a group-wide level and providing us with important advantages, both in daily operations and managerial control.”
logo suiphar
General Director SUIPHAR
"EDISA has achieved a level of implementation in our sector, which allows LIBRA to improve continuously, providing us with important advantages in our daily management."
Francisco Quinta Barros
General Manager EXTRUGASA
Aluminium - SPAIN
"LIBRA is a proven, reliable, practical and efficient product that maintains the traceability of our business processes. During the more than 15 years we have worked with LIBRA, we have seen an organized growth of each process that we have implemented optimizing our resources. "
logo roeirasa
Floriano Miñan
Director of Administration and Finance
Distribution - SPAIN
"IBERCONSA has implemented LIBRA, integrating an ever greater scope to its activity. In addition to all the logistics and commercial operations, is the direct integration with other companies within the business group "
logo iberconsa
Emilio Paredes
Iberconsa IT Director
Fishing, frozen - EUROPE, LATIN AMERICA
"LIBRA has given us support during all these years, adapting to all the changes that have been carried out, both at the level of business structure, as well as at logistic and commercial level, highlighting the reliability of the system and the involvement of the team, EDISA. "
logo dfg
Juan Piera
Pharmaceutical Distribution - SPAIN
"LIBRA has allowed us to improve the organization of our company, homogenizing our processes and contributing great agility to our daily operations. The collaboration with EDISA has been continued since, during, and after the implementation "
logo navarra grupo
Navarra Group
Aluminium - PORTUGAL
"LIBRA gives us security and agility in all our administrative processes, covering all the requirements of a Foundation."
logo funge uva
Miguel Herrero
Director Administration University of Valladolid
University Foundation - SPAIN
"The level of improvement and innovation of LIBRA in these years has allowed us to have the tools to keep our processes under control and to have the indicators for the management of the company."
logo dorna
Juan Jose Gonzalez
DORNA Administration Director
"LIBRA allows us to take control of our group management, homogenizing the administrative processes of our international subsidiaries."
logo copasa
Angel Campo
IT Director Copasa
"LIBRA is a system very well adapted to the needs of our sector, which has allowed us to adjust our processes to the system without too much difficulty in dealingl with the changes. We value the great support of the team of consultants during the implementation process. "
logo dan
Jesus Alonso Botero
Director General DAN GRAPHICS
"LIBRA gives us great agility in the daily operations to supply our supermarkets and to maintain a very dynamic level of offers. Also, EDISA staff have always provided the support we require. "
logo bravo
Merlin Alvarez
IT Director Supermercados Bravo
"We have been working with EDISA and LIBRA for more than 10 years. We value in a special way the level of updating of the product and the proximity of the technical equipment that provides the service to us. "
logo protea
Nicolás García
Managing Director
Fishing and Frozen - SPAIN
"The Plastics Ferro group of companies (GPF) has implemented ERP Libra in almost all its subsidiaries. The advantages after these migrations have been remarkable. But I would like to highlight the support and involvement that we have received from your consultants at all times. "
logo ferroplast
José Antonio Fernández Iglesias
Responsible ICT GPF


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