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EDISA is a Multinational with offices in more than 27 countries. Founded in 1983, it focused on the integration of systems based on the latest Information Technologies, as well as in the development and implementation of standard business management software.

The services offered by EDISA encompass the complete lifecycle of the information systems that organizations need – from planning, consulting and implementation or outsourcing services.

Our culture and values ​​are fundamentally based on three pillars: continuous innovation, customer service and implementation of our team.

We have 30 years of continuous R & D reinvestment policy, which has allowed us to consolidate a structure that allows us to offer a catalog of the highest level of corporate management products.

One of the main achievements of EDISA in recent years is its extensive customer base and references, which allow us to demonstrate the results obtained in the companies that have relied on our products.

Uno de los principales logros de EDISA en estos últimos años lo consituye su amplia base de clientes y referencias, que permiten contrastar los resultados obtenidos en las empresas que han confiando en nuestros productos.