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The strategic sector is important in any economy, since it is an essential part of the production and dynamizes multiple sectors by requiring large investments. Energy companies operate on collaborative approaches and must be able to make changes in the process in real time due to various state implications, with customers and with the company itself. These are long-term structures, they are companies that have the knowledge to do projects and develop them all over the world, as they sell knowledge. They allied themselves with investment funds and venture capital companies, very leveraged with loans, requiring very large initial investments. Technological innovation, the development of renewable energies and the progressive introduction of new modes of transport are transforming the sector, appearing great business opportunities.


grupo cometa

The development and analysis of the dashboards of EDISA BI allows comparisons of alternative states, detecting inefficient factors and integrating data from all types of files for reporting with all kinds of approaches. All this means a cost that fits in with reduced budgets and offers a quick and expressly positive return on investment.

It is an activity that requires the study of an enormous amount of data, not only technical but also financial, as well as making many predictions, since once the projects start to go, they are sold to give them a legal structure and to be able to unite totally or partly from them and the interested parties ask for this data to see the potential of their investment. In addition, in recent years new challenges and problems have arisen in the models.