Industria Farmacéutica

Improving competitiveness, innovation and internationalization are the major challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry. But innovating and investigating new patents in the face of a strong impulse of generic products, in an environment of continuous market concentration, forces companies to continually redefine their business model.

Pharmaceutical laboratories are in a strictly regulated environment. Its research process requires high investments (and, consequently, funding). The launching of the products and the commercial process, based on the figure of medical visitors, is expensive and highly complex.

Consequently, pharmaceutical companies need to develop strategies and take decisions that allow them to reduce costs and maximize their cost efficiency, in order to maintain the level of competitiveness required.

  • Detect unproductive factors in the business process, establishing effective controls at each critical phase of sales

  • Gain a meaningful global view of sales information in context, integrating CRM data with market data (IMS) and other data that may be relevant to the analysis

  • Increase responsiveness (dynamic business analysis, alerts, simulations)

  • Control costs efficiently (production, logistics, commercial) in a single environment

  • Manage the product life cycle

  • Align the entire organization with business strategy

  • Manage and retain talent

  • Make the organization more flexible in the face of new changes