Analytical Functionality Adapted to your Company

Our solutions incorporate the best technology and our knowledge in more than 200 implantations of different sectors.

This experience has evolved our solutions to the present, where they contemplate the best practices of each area of responsibility and sector.

In order to satisfy the analytical needs of our customers, our solutions rely on Business Intelligence technology in combination with others such as geographic analysis, quality, traceability, simulation, segmentation, etc.

We have developed standard dashboards with high analytical functionality that are parameterized during installation and customized according to the sector and the individual criteria of each customer.

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logo analisis deuda
Debt Analysis
icono pricing edisa bi
Business Cycle Analysis
logo gestión global
Commercial Analysis
logo gestion de proyectos
Proyect Analysis
logo control de rutas comerciales
Commercial Routes Analysis
logo budgeting and planning
Budgeting and Planning
logo servicios
Contact Center
logo comercial
logo control de gestión
Management Control
logo working capital
Financial Control Panel
logo cmi
Integral Control Panel
logo dirección general
General Direction
logo finanzas
logo investment management
Investment Management
logo oferta sugerida
Suggested offers
logo producción
icono rrhh
Human Resources
logo sistemas de monitorización
Monitoring Systems
logo sistemas it
IT Systems