Commercial Analysis

Generate sales and improve the competitiveness of the company are undoubtedly the main responsibilities of marketing and commercial management.

It is one of the most critical areas of the company being that of its correct management depends the present and future, the policy and capacity of investments and growth, directly.

The volume of information and the diversity of it is enormous: market databases, potential customers, sales histories, forecasts, commercials, products, categories, customers, geographical areas, etc.

  • Loyalty (Customer Value)
  • Referencing (Cross Selling)
  • Capture and recovery (consumption decreases)
  • Dynamic client segmentation
  • Follow-up of Trade Agreements
  • Profitability (Clients, Agents and Families / Products)
  • Seasonality study (Article, Customer, Commercial)
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Fulfillment of objectives
  • Geographical analysis
  • Ranking
  • Detect business opportunities and risks
  • Manage customers effectively
  • Control units and product lines
  • Develop and implement its strategic plan, based on reliable forecasts
  • Manage and control available resources
  • Measure and monitor results and commercial performance
  • Report to your superiors
  • Make tactical decisions and manage change