In the control panel the different corporate information systems are unified. The indicators of human capital management; incorporated in the control panel; help with an exact global vision, allow to identify trends and to deepen by any of the concepts, in an intuitive way.

Measuring performance, controlling costs, planning and adapting staff organization to strategic changes of the company are the daily challenges faced by the director of human resources.

Thanks to our solutions, you can control the evolution of the organization from different perspectives and depending on the profile of each user. Intuitive navigation through information, from the most aggregated levels, to the final detail – which can be a specific payroll, the employee’s file or a specific date or course – helps to optimize management since it includes information from the different areas to control.

selena quilosa
  • Analysis of salary masses: personnel costs divided by category, job, department, contract, etc.
  • Number of people on a given date, in a category, rank, age range, sex, etc.
  • Fixed and temporary personnel with the description of their contracts.
  • Worker’s file with all the history within the company and its evolution (departments, positions, training, salary level, costs, absences, contracts, etc.).
  • Individual and accumulated absenteeism by type of absence.
  • Rotation of the template.
  • Formation and evolution
  • Selection
  • Evaluation
  • Compensation
  • Talent management