The Supply Chain Management (SCM) process allows users to manage the planning, execution and control of operations carried out within the supply chain, with customers and suppliers inside and outside the company.

Some of the possible processes that can be automated are the following:
  • Through the CRM module, it is possible to integrate data from taking an order, after-sales services, commercial visits or customer inquiries.
  • The Libra Warehouse Management Software module allows the management of entries, locations, stock, breaks, inventory and management of outputs to be automated.
  • Process management BPM allows the management of company quality procedures to be automated.
  • The mobility module allows the online work, synchronizing the database with the central system allowing the operation from the mobile devices, tablets and PDAs.
  • From the BI module it is possible to extract the information stored in the various modules of LIBRA to adapt it to the needs of the management in the form of scorecards, making decision-making quick and agile.
  • Integrated management in public institutions, banks, credit insurers can be automated through the Financial and Galileo Modules.
  • Integration with the e-Commerce module allows the automated capture of data (orders) from the WEB and synchronization with SGA.