Main functionalities of the CRM module


  • The module allows you to customize the CRM entities, adding all the fields that allow collection of information required by the company. The CRM entities have associated contacts that will allow you to customize the business relationship, and can also parameterize the information to include certain contacts. It provides access to contacts in a very agile way, even offering the option to scan business cards. It is possible to categorize the database based on different criteria, such as source of origin of the entity, sector of activity, region, assigned agent, etc.
  • The system allows users to customize the type of commercial actions to be carried out in relation to entities and the possible commercial opportunities or cases that are opened.
  • Actions can be scheduled and assigned to people or teams. Likewise, a flow of such actions can be set, establishing a sequence for them. Calendar applications can be integrated, so that actions can be assigned to users, or inserted into relevant calendars.
  • It has a control panel that allows the day-to-day managing of the commercial team, including the ability to view pending actions, reassign actions among users, add new actions, etc.
  • Automatic scheduling of mail-sending tasks to users based on specific rules or events.
  • Track sales opportunities and forecast sales management.
  • The Module allows the definition of campaigns, designed to generate specific actions.
  • Set a budget for each campaign, and then compare the result obtained in terms of the number of leads generated and closed opportunities.
  • Possibility of accessing and entering data from mobile devices (especially useful for management and commercial teams): creation of, and access to, entities, contacts, opportunities; status modification; etc.
  • The module enables management of the entire after-sales relationship with customers, including processes such as claims and incidents management or service requests.