Main features of the e-Billing module


  • Scalable module, so that the implantation of electronic invoicing in the company can be done in a gradual way, incorporating specific clients first and increasing its number as required.
  • Issuance of digital invoice documents in PDF and XML formats.
  • Option to use a specific invoice format adapted to the corporate image of the company.
  • Functionality that allows the mass sending of documents to be signed remotely.
  • Digital certificates configurable by balance group.
  • Option to add company logos in the signature field of invoices.
  • File-custody of electronic invoices in different media: basic file system, external document manager and LIBRA (with possibility of consultation and download).
  • Possibility of combining with external means and storage of invoices.
  • Possibility of setting up a Web portal in which clients can consult and download their electronic invoices from a repository.
  • Sending documents by e-mail to customers remotely.
  • Option to implement the Module partially, to obtain certain functionalities such as the digitalization of invoices and its file-custody (as a method of saving paper) without having to sign them or send them to the client.
  • Option to use the Electronic Billing Module to generate, file and send other types of documents such as orders and delivery notes.
  • Possibility of integrating the Module with the Process Management (BPM), to facilitate the management of authorizations to clients for the sending of electronic invoices.