Main functionalities of the Warehouse Automation (WMS) module


  • Management of inbound logistics
  • The entry can be done by entering the data manually (identifying the operator / product, lot, quantities, etc.) or automatically, taking advantage of bar codes from the supplier’s box (GTIN-14, GTIN -13, GS1-128) (bar codes reduce operator-entered data while avoiding product identification errors since it is already coded by the supplier).
  • The system allows printing of pallet labels.
  • Based on orders, the system generates and displays on radiofrequency terminals some tasks so that the operators can deliver the merchandise.
  • The program will guide the operator to correct locations to deliver the order.
  • The order picking process is fully integrated with a voice picking system. This allows an improvement of the merchandise preparation times.
  • In the event a stock break is detected at a picking location, the system may launch a replenishment task.
  • The system allows you to take an inventory or regularize the stock of a particular item.
  • The system allows the consolidation of several pallets of entry or shipment into one, in order to optimize the load.
  • Through the control of tasks, the warehouse manager can consult the tasks that the operators have (which are pending, which are being carried out, etc.).
  • Option to establish working zones in the warehouse, and to assign to each zone the machines that can access that zone.
  • Option to validate the placement of the product based on the label of the product and the location.
  • Option to manage the order in the preparation process.
  • Option to generate the delivery receipt from the preparation program.
  • User control in logistics tasks so that productivity can be analyzed.
  • Option to define articles that do not require validation depending on the sector to which it belongs.