Main functionalities of the Quality Management Module


  • Creation of as many quality organizations as the company requires (eg. quality organizations by product families or warehouse types).
  • For each quality organization, establishment of standards or quality specifications (eg. ISO 9001, ISO 14001), establishment of control plan for each product / process to comply with such standards / specifications. Option to define control plans by product, family or type of material.
  • Automatic creation, from each control plan, of the corresponding product / process inspection parts.
  • Record of the corresponding data on products / processes accepted and rejected during the control. Blocking the material until the quality inspection is completed, so that it cannot be used in other departments.
  • Management of the conformities and nonconformities of products / processes inspected (relocation of products in warehouses, updating of their degree of availability, quality certificates on accepted products, claims to suppliers on rejected products, etc.).
  • Defining workflows using the Process Management Module (BPM) to automate the inspection and control process.
  • Visualization in other modules of the results obtained in the product / process controls.
  • Traceability of inspections.
  • Management of the approval and evaluation of suppliers (valuation criteria, valuation periods, types of evaluation, etc.).
  • Statistics on defects detected and decisions made.