Main functionalities of the Project Management Module


  • Budgeting
  • Different types of project.
  • Option to import and export BC3 files.
  • Making budgets from existing ones or starting from scratch. Option to integrate construction price bases or create one’s own.
  • Display of totals related to amounts and measurements as the budget is made.
  • Option to make budget adjustments to achieve a desired amount or percentage changes, both in the overall budget and in a chapter or item.
  • Option to decompose items differentiating between labor, materials, machinery, etc.
  • Execution control.
  • Establishment of phases and activities, being able to limit actions in each of them.
  • Option to take execution control with a structure different from the budgeted one.
  • Lists of the total materials or hours of labor required for the execution of the project.
  • Making offers to suppliers so that they can decide which supplier to buy through a simple comparison.
  • Control of purchase orders and invoices from suppliers.
  • Cost reports based on material, rents, work parts, accounting, etc..
  • Analysis of costs by decomposition groups (materials, machinery, labor) and type of cost (direct, indirect and possible subdivisions).
  • Complete comparative reports including a full project / work analysis.
  • Option to obtain reports complying with the requirements of Public Administration (eg. price chart nº 1 and nº 2).
  • Quick and simple realization of the certifications for customers and of the actual production executed based on the budget.
  • Option to configure the system to perform certain controls, such as not allowing the certification of a higher quantity than was budgeted.
  • Possibility of integrating the Module with Sales-Distribution for the automatic generation of invoices and their corresponding accounting.