EDISA maintains working standards in accordance with ISO 9001, emphasizing the delivery of a quality service based on the following aspects:


The quality of our software design and development process and, in particular, our LIBRA product.

The quality of our service of implementation of software projects through the use of the appropriate Project Management methodology, and an efficient after-sales service both provided by qualified personnel.

Delivery times in compliance with the agreed deadlines in the projects and response to incidents of the customers.

Customer satisfaction is fulfilling and eventually surpasses its requirements as proof of the professionalism of our management.

Based on these basic pillars of operation within the company, the objective of the Management is to achieve quantifiable and practical goals that allow us to check over time:

  • Compliance with regulations or reference codes that we have to respect.
  • The growing satisfaction of our customers.
  • The continuous improvement of our management.
  • Access to new projects, expanding our portfolio of clients.
  • To become more and more established in our sector at an international level, which will lead to the increasing competitiveness of our company.

The Management of the company undertakes to review both the Quality Policy and the Objectives reflected in it to adapt them at any time to an improvement of the effectiveness of the system.