Within our Corporate Social Responsibility program, during the last two years, EDISA has collaborated with 24 social entities, providing the technology that allows them to have a portal that meets the transparency requirements necessary for this type of entities, while helping them to project an adequate image to the society and to promote collaboration and fund raising.

Entities that already have the portal MAS SOCIAL CONECTA:
Rare and / or chronic diseases FEGEREC http://www.fegerec.es
PARKINSON GALICIA-CORUÑA http://parkinsongaliciacoruna.org
Cerebral palsy and related APAMP http://apamp.org
ASPACE CORUÑA http://www.aspacecoruna.org
AMENCER – ASPACE http://amencer-aspace.org
Acquired brain damage ALENTO http://www.alento.org
ADACECO http://www.adaceco.org
FEDACE https://fedace.org
Autism Spectrum Disorders APACAF http://www.apacaf.org
ASPERGA http://asperga.org
Intellectual disability ASPANAEX http://aspanaex.org
ASPANAS http://www.aspanas.es
CENTRO JUAN MARÍA http://www.centrojuanmaria.org
ASPAS http://www.asociacionaspas.org
DOWN VIGO http://www.downvigo.org
Mental health A.B.A.C. http://abacoruna.com
DOA http://www.asodoa.org
Exclusion | Social inclusion ECOS DO SUR http://www.ecosdosur.org
FEGABAN http://fegaban.es
DIGNIDAD – GALICIA http://www.dignidadgalicia.org
A.P.E.S. http://www.apesasociacion.org
COMITÉ CIDADÁN ANTISIDA DE OURENSE http://www.antisidaou.org
FUNDACIÓN ÉRGUETE-INTEGRACIÓN http://www.fundacionerguete.org
Community development CDR “O VISO” http://cdroviso.org
PLAN COMUNITARIO DE TEIS http://www.planteis.org