frigoríficosRefrigerators are a key component in the logistics of the frozen products sector. Some companies have their own refrigerators, but practically all the companies that work with frozen products, resort to the cold services provided by industrial refrigerators.

LIBRA has references in the main refrigeration companies at national level, covering all the needs; Management of entries, departures, change of ownership, billing of cold services, invoicing of other services, logistics in robotized warehouses, mobile shelving or fixed shelving, etc.

In this type of company, logistics management (orders of load, entrances, exits, etc.) and the invoicing of the cold services are key.

In addition, LIBRA includes all the necessary functionalities for business management, including ERP, Relationship Management (CRM)Process Management (BPM)Document ManagementMobility and Business Intelligence.

We have references in some of the most important cooperatives in the sector in Spain and Latin America.

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