In EDISA we have a commitment to the environment in which we develop our activity, both at the level of staff, our customers and suppliers, and also with society in general.

The first commitment is on a global level with the company as a whole, giving priority to the capitalization of the company against the distribution of profits, in order to have a consolidated company that can face both the good and the bad moments, so that it can maintain its activity in the long term.

Our commitment to the staff of the company is unwavering, and we are proud of being a company that has very low turnover rates compared to what is usual in the ICT sector. EDISA offers equal opportunities of development to all those who join the company and fosters stability as a key element in order to have a team that has the knowledge to enable them to provide quality services to clients. After 30 years of activity, we are at a stage where there are people who are finishing their time at EDISA, having been in the company practically since its inception.

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Our commitment to clients is to provide a quality service, ensuring the level of availability required in the field of business management, where the systems we offer clearly condition the company’s operations. This commitment is based on one of the key values ​​of EDISA, which is the customer orientation of the work team, involving ourselves in the companies in which we work, as if it were our own company and valuing first of all the fulfillment of the commitments established and the customer service with a long-term orientation.