Committed to the social environment

At EDISA we have a commitment to corporate social responsibility with the environment in which we carry out our activity, both at the staff level, as well as at our customers and suppliers, and also with society in general.

Our commitment to the social environment at EDISA has contributed to various social causes from the outset, through financial contributions or even by contributing the company’s own work. Since 2014, a wide-ranging project called + Social has been carried out, whose partners are the BARRIE FOUNDATION and EDISA, in which a web platform has been developed so that social entities can improve their communication with society and above all to help them raise funds.

Our clients are our priority

Our commitment to customers to provide quality service, ensuring the level of availability required in the field of business management, where the systems we offer clearly condition the operations of the company. This commitment is based on one of the key values ​​of EDISA, which is the customer orientation of the work team, involving ourselves in the companies in which we work, as if it were our own company and valuing above all compliance with established commitments and customer service with a long-term orientation.

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