bollería industrialThese are products of great consumption at present. In this type of companies, LIBRA provides all the necessary tools for the management of production costs, for organization at the operational level (orders, storage, deliveries) and for all administrative management. Since they are industrial companies, almost all the implantations make use of terminals operated by radio frequency to optimize the operations of the plant and preparation times. Likewise, in this type of business, it is usual to provide the commercial team with Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools that allow them to manage their client portfolios and offer relevant products.

LIBRA allows you to optimize the processes of a production plant, focusing on traceability of the product and compliance with applicable sanitary regulations and quality control. The system enables production management, integrating with the plant systems and with a clear orientation to the optimization of costs.

Likewise, LIBRA offers all the logistical functionality necessary to meet the requirements of customers and the commercial channel (product presentations, palletizing typology, coding, etc).

In addition, LIBRA includes all the necessary functionalities for business management, including ERP, Relationship Management (CRM)Process Management (BPM)Document ManagementMobility and Business Intelligence.

We have references in some of the most important cooperatives in the sector in Spain and Latin America.

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