Edisa bi of being part of qonnectios 2017

For the twelfth consecutive year Qlik Qonnections opened its doors, this time in Florida, May 15-18 for all data lovers.

More than 3.200 people among partners, analysts, press and Qlik members gathered in the leading event in which to share ideas, expand knowledge, strengthen new alliances and discover new avenues of analysis in the hands of leading technology in the Business Intelligence sector, Qlik.

Edisa had the honor of being part of this great event in which both Technology Partners and Customers could see the evolution of Business Intelligence applied to Qlik technology.

Some of the innovations that the attendees of this world-wide event could enjoy were the latest Qlik launches in technological innovation, practical workshops on Qlik technology or trends in leadership.

Some interesting highlights discussed in Qonnections 2017:

  1. Big Data: With the new improvements in the Qlik Engine will be allowed to leave the data where it is, even being the information in the cloud. This will mean a revolution in the performance of the application without moving the data into Qlik’s in-memory engine.

  2. Qlik Hybrid Cloud Platform: Hybrid configurations between Cloud and On-Premise will be allowed, so you will no longer have to choose between one of the two possibilities, it could be seamlessly moved between on-premises or cloud or both with your apps and/or your data.

  3. From Business Intelligence to Augmented Intelligence: there was talk of a new direction towards the ability to couple the intelligence of an engine of cognitive rules with experience, intuition and knowledge. All without forgetting the vision of: People + Data + Ideas = Possibilities.

  4. Real-time. Improvements in real-time applications.

  5. Integration of advanced and predictive analysis (Phyton, R, …). The next logical step in Business Analytics will be the analysis of ‘Key Performance Indicators’ to ‘Key Performance Predictors’.

  6. QlikSense Offline on mobile: One of the great advances will be that QlikSense applications can now be accessed without having an Internet connection on the device.

  7. Drop Qlikview into QlikSense: You can drag and drop Qlikview applications into QlikSense to perform a conversion on the interface between the two tools.

  8. QlikSense visualization improvements: new charts such as histograms and tree maps; In addition, you will be able to customize with more flexibility the colors in the different reports of the application.

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