Public Organisms
With Qlik applications we can analyze all readings received, but we can also do so for those coming from the tele-reading network. This will mean more than 2.5 billion readings / year, which, properly analyzed, will allow us to anticipate the levels of demand with a degree of success unthinkable before the arrival of Qlik
Juan Antonio de Miguel Peña-Managin Director Ver caso de éxito
Retail Alimentation
Controlling the products and schedules demanded by consumers, negotiating purchase prices, conducting an exhaustive control of the health of the inventory of the stores or increasing the margins are some of the actions we can take with the business discovery solutions implemented by Edisa.
Merlín Alvarez – IT Director
Industry, Energy
Qlikview has completely changed the vision of our business. The analysis, ideas and decision-making we required, have been implemented and exploited thanks to the provision of all unified and related information and the great capacity and versatility offered by Qlik. It is all these values that make our solution an indispensable corporate tool for the future and our present day.
Laura Nuñez- Director of Finance and Technology
Industry, Large Consumption
Business Discovery dashboards give us a more realistic perception of the business, and consequently an improvement in decision making. We have also improved our bargaining power, quickly detected and eliminated unproductive factors, and spent less time on report generation
Carlos Gil – IT Director
Food, Distribution and Industry
With the suggested Qlik control panel we have achieved an automated process of continuous improvement in business penetration. This solution implemented by Edisa, proposes monthly the products that must be improved by each agent. The monitoring of the impacts carried out leads us to a constant evolution and growth
Oscar Oblanca – Owner
Transport and logistics
Edisa has helped us to implement visual solutions for the analysis of passenger demand and punctuality that allow us to have greater control and efficient management.
Jose Luis López Jiménez- IT Director
Public, Port Management, Transportation and Logistics
The QlikView Control Charts developed by Edisa provide us with useful information to manage the operations and to easily identify problems of our port.
Mercedes Fernández-Treguerres Velasco -CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Pharmaceutical Industry,Transportation and Logistics
Our Management Control Panel automates and integrates our most relevant information into a single platform and allows us to carry out a rigorous business control.
Javier Bravo- Managing director
Public, Port Management, Transportation and Logistics 
The control panel of collection analysis that implemented Edisa for us has given us agility to obtain information whenever we need it.
Iñaki Figueroa  – Head of Technology and Information Systems
Public, Port Management, Transportation and Logistics
The port QlikView control panel that was implemented by Edisa allows each functional responsible of the Port to dive for the information of its area and thus make more accurate decisions in time
Benjamin Paredes- IT Director
Public, Port Management, Transportation and Logistics
Edisa has helped us to implement data analysis tools, which have served as a basis for the development of useful information analysis for the management in the business area of our port
Juan Antonio Novoa  – CFO (Chief Financial  Officer
Public , People Transport
Edisa has helped us to implement performance analysis technologies to make Metro de Madrid a more modern and efficient organization.”
Carmen Miyar Gil – Application Development  Manager
Industry, Large Consumption
Our Integral Control Panel is the perfect instrument to align the entire organization strategically and eliminate all the factors that make us inefficient. Edisa has brought us great value in the process with its technological and functional knowledge.
Ximena Díaz – Vice President of Innovation & Knowledge Management 
Food and Industry
With the production control panel implemented by Edisa we have gained in control and agility, we have the most important indicators of the production process on-line: Stock, production chain, machinery, personnel, quality and delivery. Indispensable for the future and our present.
Emilio Herrera – IT Director
Industry Large Consumption 
The Control Management Panel implemented by Edisa allows us to immediately detect any item outside the range. Acting at the right time avoids economic losses and opportunity costs. The flexibility and ability to adapt the tools to our business is a very important point in the implementation of EDISA
Fernando González- CFO (Chief  Financial Officer)