For construction companies, in a paralyzed market, with little new demand for housing and a significant reduction in private and public investment, this scenario translates into greater competitiveness and the closure of many of them, above all because of high defaulting, lack of liquidity and financing.

Surviving in this complicated environment, for construction companies, is synonymous with restructuring, reorientation and flexibility of the business, although not all of them will be able to adapt to the new conditions by how their current financial economic situation is presented, as a result of their management in recent years.

Whatever the strategy chosen by each construction company, in order to be able to do it, to be alert and able to react to possible deviations, a management system based on information and control of key profitability indicators is fundamental.

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  • Improve your profitability and keep your finances balanced

  • Effective cost control

  • Manage risk

  • Properly plan and control each phase of a project

  • Lean on a management tool that is designed to evolve with your business

  • Gain flexibility and responsiveness

Mainly, our economic-financial dashboards (analytical accounting, budget tracking, treasury management, debt control, what-if simulations), project management, commercial and marketing (sales and costs, campaign tracking, market research), purchasing and stock control help improve business competitiveness in the construction sector.