distribución y retail

EDISA B.I. Business Intelligence solutions provide a very important business strategy, optimized customer management based on advanced segmentation: Maximizing the share of customers with the optimum product range; maintaining sales with minimal commercial effort; planning the exit of unprofitable clients and attracting the most suitable clients.

Also, with Qlik we make it possible to forecast and analyze data that reduce reaction times to changes in the different variables that affect the activity of companies in the sector and allow us to anticipate market movements and make the organization more flexible in the face of new changes.

The correct choice of a successful growth strategy is based on an internal analysis of the company and the possible alternatives, after which a monitoring model and a contingency plan should be established, optimizing the management of resources and carrying out the more appropriate initiatives such as the development or consolidation of exports or internationalization processes and identifying which activities could be sub-contractible and which are of a more strategic nature and differentiate the company.

In addition, unproductive factors can be detected in the business process by generating reports with Nprinting and creating alerts with automated and customizable notifications to each person responsible.