In the globalized markets, the pressure and demand of the customers on the prices, the quality and the punctuality in the service is increasing. Companies – in order to make a difference – need to have an organization capable of producing costs compatible with market prices and maintaining their margins.

To achieve a perfect production process, it is essential to perform a correct planning and control of costs and efficient productivity, and to manage purchases and warehouses.

Edisa solutions accompany the process of improving productivity as an essential tool to ensure the success of its strategy, providing business leaders with the necessary knowledge and perfect control and forecasting mechanisms.

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With specific dashboards for each area (production, logistics, purchasing, financial economics) and advanced concepts for general management (Balanced Scorecard) help managers gain confidence in their decision-making and flexibility before possible changes, in addition to allowing to strategically align all the links of the company.

With our reliability analysis solution we bring added value in improving complex engineering processes, defining warranty policies and maintenance services.