Análisis Deuda


It provides a detailed view of the situation of our Current Assets, as well as an analysis of specific ratios related to the profitability of operations, customers, debt, cash position…etc.

In order to facilitate the financial department’s control of debt and debtors we have developed a specific scorecard.

autoridad portuaria de bilbao
  • Complete analysis of the collection and debt information of its clients through an integrated vision.
  • Detaile view of the current assets (invoiced, collected and pending).
  • Age of debt.
  • Aging of clients (Control of the evolution of deferred debts).
  • Follow-up of the collection management, live balances of customers with their associated charges and details of invoices with expiration and collection dates.
  • Information on income and debt, with breakdown by different concepts (products, customers, geographical areas, analytical, etc.).
  • Composition of debt due to effects.