Control Rutas comerciales2

The monitoring and analysis of the competition is fundamental for the area of marketing and sales. To understand how your company behaves towards your competitors you need to handle internal information (information about your customers) and external (market research).

A combined analysis of internal and external information enhances your knowledge with a 360 ° view.

It helps you identify real opportunities and threats so you can defend your positioning and focus your actions where more growth possibilities may be.

Alerts are configured individually for each business and industry. Our experience allows us to advice about the most relevant in the commercial and marketing area, but they are completely customizable. They are reviewed periodically, to adjust them to possible strategic changes in your organization.

En  el área comercial, configurar alertas para los indicadores clave de rentabilidad, de crecimiento, seguimiento presupuestario y prospección le aporta seguridad y equilibrio a su gestión. Si un indicador pasa por un nivel crítico le llega inmediatamente el aviso a usted para que  pueda actuar con rapidez para su corrección.

  • Manage your sales force more effectively
  • Optimize your distribution routes
  • Improve your positioning
  • Verify, control and measure yields, sales, margins, commercial costs
  • Set prices
  • Decide on discounts and promotions
  • Setting business objectives and remuneration policies
  • Be prepared for changes in the economic and competition environment
In the commercial area, setting alerts for key indicators of profitability, growth, budget tracking and prospecting brings security and balance to your management. If an indicator goes through a critical level, the warning immediately comes to you so that you can act quickly to correct it.

When analyzing sales indicators by different zones, areas and distribution routes, their visualization in geographic maps helps you to position yourself.

Our solutions integrate directly with Google Maps and provide a spatial view of all the critical indicators of your business and marketing area.