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When your customers ask for discounts or promotions to your salespeople, often the salesperson is in a compromised situation or simply unaware of the impact that their decision may have. Then, it is easily possible to accept conditions that prove to be of no benefit to the company and may even jeopardize the overall profitability of the operation.

The usual cause is that during the negotiation is carried away by a volume apparently attractive for billing or an overestimation of the real value of the customer. Your ignorance of the exact sales data, customer history, business seasonality, or business cost prevents you from knowing how much your decision can affect the actual commercial margins.

With the Suggested Offers scorecard you can set up effective controls to track your various marketing and business actions and create a joint view of your CRM and billing data.

While the commercial dashboard helps to analyze sales and customer management in depth, the suggested offer allows you to generate reports in a predefined format in an automated way.

You can easily define, maintain and share the sales and management reports generated from your billing, forecasting and CRM data.

With our solution, your commercials have a negotiation tool that helps them to balance their decisions.

They can simulate different negotiation scenarios and thus anticipate situations. In a dynamic tab they have the complete history of the customer, they know where their limits of concession are and what they ask in return so as to guarantee the commercial profitability and to anticipate the situations before they occur.

  • High flexibility in the configuration of the reports (lists and charts of the control panel)
  • Immediate availability
  • Savings in time and effort
  • Security of information contained (“unique data”)
  • High quality of the final result
  • Ability to add comments and interpretations
  • Easy sharing of reports with different users, facilitating each one access to “his” information according to profiles, functions and areas