CMIBased on the Kaplan / Norton methodology, the Balanced Scorecard is an ideal tool to strategically align your entire organization.

Having defined the cause and effect relationships for the successful implementation of your strategy, our solution allows you to take it directly to the people responsible for its implementation.

We incorporate the strategic map in the Integral Control Panel, with key indicators and corresponding elements in each of the perspectives: finance, clients, processes and learning / momentum, as well as the initiatives, the people in charge and the planned schedule.

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Strategic Consultancy:

  • Definition of cause-effect relationships of the company’s strategic map
  • Define objectives in the financial perspectives, clients, internal processes and learning
  • Identification of significant indicators for mediation of results obtained


  • Automation of indicators for updating
  • Graphical interface that allows to deepen the evolution of the indicators for its correction
  • Overview of indicators and compliance with initiatives