Dirección general2

It provides an excellent global vision of how the business is incorporating the main performance indicators (KPIs) in the critical areas of the company.

The area of responsibility of the General Direction and, consequently, the level of decision-making is undoubtedly the most complex in the whole organization.

It will allow you to see evolutions and trends, measure results against objectives and make strategic and tactical decisions based on the real information of your business. As well as keep track of the decisions taken to verify the course of your company at the right time.

  • Finance area: account results
  • Finance area: treasury
  • Finance area: debtors
  • Finance area: Budget
  • Human resources area: template and levels of compliance
  • Production area: (Ud) produced / time
  • Production area: shrinks
  • Production area: quality
  • Sales area: sales and margins, TAM
  • Sales area: commercial ranking, customers, categories
  • Sales area: profitability categories and products
  • Sales areas: forecasts
  • Logistics area: level of service fulfillment
  • Indicators of free configuration of these or other departments, according to criticality and sector
  • Control over each business unit

autoridad portuaria de coruña
  • Coordination of all business areas
  • Control over each business unit
  • Strategic planning
  • Planning and resource management
  • Measurement and control of results
  • Organizational structure
  • Reporting to Central, in the case of multinational companies
  • Creation of value and representation of the company before investors, partners, employees and external bodies
  • Tactical decisions and change management
  • Comparative analysis of business units and group companies

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