Working Capital

In order to be efficient in generating reports (reducing costs and time of dedication, obtaining immediate availability and having guarantees about the veracity of the information) and having the information in the format required for your business analysis and reporting, we provide analytical solutions and a pre-designed and parameterizable control panel.

Our control panel is designed to evolve with your business. If you want to change critical ranges you can do it yourself in the application. If you want to add new indicators, we will make the changes in the control panel in a very short time, thanks to the advantages of the technology of QlikView.

Having a sensitivity analysis of production costs and sales prices means that you have detailed knowledge about the impact that your decisions might have.

Implementing an analytical accounting system in your organization, causes a greater economic awareness of the departmental leaders, towards the results of the company.

With our solution, you can have analytical accounting generated directly from your general accountancy. The allocation criteria are customizable and configurable by yourself with ease. They adapt to possible changes and new situations to evolve with your company.

  • Adapt to your business
  • Easy customization depending on the particular criteria of your company
  • Implementation
  • Rapid implementation and integration with your accounting and billing data, whatever