Investment management

Solution for the analysis of long-term capital intensive projects (Concessions, Energy, Real estate, Infrastructures, Productive Investment, Transport, etc…).

It allows analyzing the investments from the perspectives of Liquidity, capacity Repayment of Debt and Profitability.

Consolidates and standardizes the financial models of the portfolio projects from the time of investment to divestment (P & L, Balance Sheet, Free Cash flow, Uses and Sources, etc.), allowing to add information by type of investment, technology, country , financial institution, etc..

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  • Analysis of the cash flow of the portfolio / project from the point of view of the manager and according to his investors. It allows to prepare a liquidity plan to identify the distributions to the shareholders with the appropriate breakdown by project.
  • Debt Repayment Capacity Analysis: It allows to review the fulfillment of the obligations of the financing contracts in terms of leverage, coverage ratio, reserve account …etc.
  • Analysis of the cost and revenue return of the projects (total and unit).
  • Benchmarking of the main project contracts, credit agreement, O & M, insurance …etc.
  • Valuation: Allows a valuation of the project portfolio based on different valuation criteria such as multiples or discounts of cash flows.