In order to be able to make decisions safely and minimize their risk, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the production information and the connections between different linked areas. – Obtaining the necessary knowledge often makes it difficult for those responsible for the volume of data and the enormous diversity of them: production databases, suppliers and materials, logistics and warehouse, from machinery, presence control, quality files, etc.

In Edisa, we have designed a series of solutions and functionalities that help you improve your productive performance while maintaining control and guarantees over other critical factors.

It measures the operational results of the production area and allows them to be contrasted with historical and objectives. At a glance you will have the most important indicators of production process: stock, production chain, machinery, personnel, quality, and delivery.

  • Provider supply and management
  • Minimum stock, stock breakage and turnover
  • Productivity of the production process (employees, machinery, production chain)
  • Quality and safety level
  • Degree of compliance with production
  • Shrinkage
  • Effectiveness of maintenance
  • Detailed analysis of costs (storage, production, distribution)
  • Management of workers: absences, performance