Mobility LIBRA ERP

The LIBRA ERP Mobility Module allows tasks to be carried out through a simple and intuitive interface.

All the functions related to document management, alerts or BPM process management are also available, so any process defined in LIBRA can be run from a mobile device. Likewise, warehouse management applications are supported through mobile terminals and even applications in the field of quality control or production and data collection in the plant.

One of the great advantages provided by this module is the possibility of working in “online” mode, for which connection to the database is required, or in “off line” mode, including a module that allows the synchronization of the data necessary for the correct operation of the system.

Main features of the Mobility Module:

  • Commercial management linked to the product sale and delivery process.
  • Access to reports obtained through the report generator, in graphic format.
  • Consult archived documents with the Document Management module.
  • Authorize or reject purchase orders.
  • CRM management: visits, calls, meetings, etc.
  • Consult repair orders. Take and release orders. Impute materials. Close orders. Collect the client’s signature to attach to documents.
  • Global view of the client with the option of generating graphs for data analysis.
  • Consult tasks in the BPM, perform actions on them, create new tasks.
  • Data transmission via WIFI, GPRS, 3G, HDSPA or bluetooth link with mobile, eliminating the need to go to the central to transmit the data.
  • Integration with barcode readers (EAN13, EAN14, EAN128).


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