Grupo Plásticos Ferro has implemented
LIBRA in 9 of its 10 companies, covering both industrial activity and logistics and distribution. The level of implementation includes the use of practically all the LIBRA modules: ERP, CRM, Mobility and Business Intelligence.

El Grupo Plásticos Ferro (GPF),It is made up of ten companies dedicated mainly to the design, manufacture and distribution of products and systems based on plastic materials. It is the leader in the Iberian Peninsula and third in Europe in the manufacture and sale of plastic pipes and accessories. Knowledge of the world of plastics has allowed them to diversify and create companies for the manufacture of boxes, plastic joinery, and aquaculture systems in polyethylene.

Also, they have companies dedicated to metalwork and manufacture of heating systems. The network of companies that make up GPF has a constantly growing industrial area, with more than 700,000 m2, 8 manufacturing plants and 16 logistics centers in the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco. With a turnover of the order of 180 Million Euros, and 35% of sales in the international market.

“El grupo de empresas Plásticos Ferro (GPF) has the Libra ERP implemented in almost all its subsidiaries. The advantages after these migrations have been remarkable. But I would like to highlight the support and involvement that we have always received from your consultants.”

José Antonio Fernández
Responsable TIC GPF
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