The Payroll module covers the management of the company’s human resources from an economic point of view, making possible total control of its costs, as well as compliance with existing labor regulations.

It includes the administrative management of personnel, personal conditions, contracts, agreements, payroll calculation and social insurance, in addition to the entire payment management process.

The module also has its own report generator, which allows data extraction adapted to the needs of the company. Likewise, it complies at all times with current legislation and the entity’s remuneration policy.

It allows the corresponding communication of data by electronic means with the official organisms of the country in which the company operates, complying with the established regulations.

Main functionalities of the Payroll Module:

  • Definition of the company’s remuneration policy through the implementation of the sectorial agreements in force in its field of action.
  • Perfect adaptation to current legislation regarding contribution rules of Social Security regimes and tax withholdings.
  • Management of human resources from the contractual point of view having at all times a historical view of them: incorporations, contracts, extensions, variations of hiring, cancellations, etc.
  • Configuration of specific compensation per worker throughout their working life.
  • Management of any daily incident that affects the final remuneration of workers (allowances, overtime, lack of attendance, disability, etc.).
  • Management of advances and judicial withholdings.
  • Calculation of monthly payrolls, extra payments, settlements, etc.
  • Management of the payment of remuneration through the corresponding communication with financial entities (remittances, stubs).
  • Accounting and cost allocation (integration with the LIBRA Financial module).
  • Salary reviews with calculation of arrears. IRPF regularization manually or automatically.
  • Communication with public bodies in the countries where the payroll is established for the exchange of data; labor contracts, extensions, variations of contracts, certificates, quotes, registrations, cancellations, etc.
  • Digital signed payroll.
  • Preparation of tax models.
  • Possibility of machining work parts by projects and / or cost centers with their corresponding immediate reflection in the calculation of payroll and cost allocation.
  • Economic report generation tool parameterizable by the user.
  • Payroll simulation tool for the study of new hires, simulation of settlements and budget simulation.


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