Quality Management LIBRA ERP

The Quality Management module allows you to manage all the inspection activities on products or processes of the company, including the management of certificates, quality regulations and data collection from mobile devices.

It is complemented by the LIBRA Document Management module, which allows all documents (procedures, manuals, reports, etc.) to be stored in the database in an organized manner and with version and access control.

It is also integrated with the Process Management module (BPM), in which all claims, non-conformities, corrective and / or preventive actions, audits, etc. can be managed, that is, all processes related to the control of company quality.

Main functionalities of the Quality Management Module:

  • Creation of as many quality organizations as the company requires (eg. quality organizations by product families or warehouse types).
  • For each quality organization, establishment of standards or quality specifications (eg. ISO 9001, ISO 14001), establishment of control plan for each product / process to comply with such standards / specifications. Option to define control plans by product, family or type of material.
  • Automatic creation, from each control plan, of the corresponding product / process inspection parts.
  • Record of the corresponding data on products / processes accepted and rejected during the control. Blocking the material until the quality inspection is completed, so that it cannot be used in other departments.
  • Management of the conformities and nonconformities of products / processes inspected (relocation of products in warehouses, updating of their degree of availability, quality certificates on accepted products, claims to suppliers on rejected products, etc.).
  • Defining workflows using the Process Management Module (BPM) to automate the inspection and control process.
  • Visualization in other modules of the results obtained in the product / process controls.
  • Traceability of inspections.
  • Management of the approval and evaluation of suppliers (valuation criteria, valuation periods, types of evaluation, etc.).
  • Statistics on defects detected and decisions made.


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