Sales Management LIBRA ERP

Sales Management module allows you to manage all the processes related to the sale-distribution to customers, including pre-sale commercial activities (budgets), the management of orders and their dispatch, the issuance of delivery notes and invoices, and their accounting.

It offers a great ability to integrate with the distribution chain through EDI, XML or specific business portals in the network for capturing orders or queries.

It also covers the management of customer contracts and other complementary features. The module is directly related to the Purchase Management, Production, Logistics Management and Financial Management modules.

Also with the Electronic Invoicing (for the cases of companies that want to opt for this more economical and comfortable billing method). A large number of functions are also available through the Mobility module, for tablets and mobile phones.

Main features of the Sales Management Module:

  • Shipping logistics: shipping proposal, loading sheets, picking lists, transportation management.
  • Sales delivery notes management.
  • Management of sales invoices: automatic issuance and accounting, confirmation, repetitive invoicing, inter-company invoicing.
  • Control and settlement of commissions to agents based on sales or collections.
  • Possibility of exchanging documents with EDI -integration of orders (ORDERS), delivery of delivery notes (DESADV), sending of invoices (INVOIC) – and other platforms through XML and WEB access.
  • Management of contracts with clients.
  • Export records.
  • Trading management.
  • Management of rappels and commercial templates with discounts to clients.
  • Accounting provision of the expenses of the templates and monitoring.
  • Complete traceability of each document handled in commercial management.
  • A large number of reports available that allow all the information generated in the business process to be exploited with segmentation criteria at the market, distribution channel, etc. level.
  • Free definition of all commercial operations: commercial organizations, zones, routes, pricing policy, order types Management of sales budgets (creation and monitoring).
  • Maintenance of history of modifications made on each budget.
  • Customer order management.
  • Telesales.
  • Option to automatically generate purchase orders from sales orders.


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