Warehouse Logistics LIBRA ERP

The Warehouse Logistics module includes the management of the entries and exits of articles (raw materials, auxiliary materials, semi-finished products and finished products) as well as internal logistics (warehouses, areas, locations, etc.).

LIBRA allows to optimize all the processes related to the logistics management of the company. It is normally integrated into the purchasing, production and sale processes of companies, to complete their supply, manufacturing and distribution circuits respectively, although it may operate independently in the case of logistics operators. Allows automated warehouse management with the LIBRA module.

It enables automated warehouse management with the LIBRA SGA module (Warehouse Management) or automated warehouse management (mobile or robotic shelving), as well as automated process integration with the main logistics operators on the market.

Main functionalities of the Warehouse logistics module:

  • Free definition of the entire logistics operation of the company: storage units, article logistics chains, packaging, barcodes, warehouse map, types of movement.
  • Inventory management with different levels of detail (warehouses, zones, locations, lots, series, pallets, stock situations, etc.).
  • Warehouse 3D (three-dimensional representation of the warehouse with color codes, being able to access the contents of the hole).
  • Warehouse cost treatment. Management of purchases receptions.
  • Management of transfers between warehouses.
  • Management of internal inputs and outputs of material.
  • Management of situation changes.
  • Inventory management.
  • Management and control of packaging with customers and suppliers.
  • Warehouse closings management, with monthly costs and stocks recalculation, and movement blocking at closing date.
  • Management with radio frequency terminals that allow you to manage in real time the movements of stock and the management of locations.
  • Option to incorporate documentation related to each item (eg: technical aspects of manufacturing, supply circuit …)
  • Management of the traceability of the article from the supplier to the final customer.


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