Web Services LIBRA ERP

GALILEO is a set of multiplatform WEB services, developed by EDISA, that allow the performance of a series of advanced functions as well as the integration of LIBRA with external systems: other ERP, public administrations, banks, logistics operators, industrial machinery .

These services form the basis for many of the integration functions that LIBRA currently provides and make it possible for LIBRA to be an inter-business system. GALILEO therefore facilitates communication and integration of the company with its environment, which is one of the aspects which will make a difference in the coming years when it comes to business management.


Main features of the Web Services Module:

  • Issuing and sending of the electronic invoice: generation of electronic invoice, sending of faxes, emails and SMSs from LIBRA.
  • LIBRA requests from external applications: other ERP, WEB pages, devices and socket applications.
  • Requests to external applications from LIBRA. Bidirectional data exchange with industrial machinery: scales, automated racks, robots, time and attendance control systems and other equipment.
  • Data synchronization between LIBRA and tablet, PDA, POS terminals.
  • Data exchange between companies that work with LIBRA: orders, invoices.
  • Barcodes: generation and decoding of barcodes by photo in a wide variety of encoding systems.
  • Cryptography: cryptographic functionalities and work with certificates.
  • Remote execution: printing, program execution and file exchange functionalities.
  • Integration with Google Drive: Integration functionalities with Google Drive for file sharing.
  • EXCEL: generation of Excel and conversion to CSV format to allow its processing in DB.
  • FTP: integration service with FTP, SFTP and FTPS file servers.
  • Sending mails: service for sending emails through SMTP servers.
  • Integration with Twitter: service for sending messages through the Twitter platform.
  • Digitization of signatures: Android application for digitizing signatures, integrated with LIBRA for printing on documents.


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